The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History announces Blockbuster Exhibit

Fort Worth (2013-12-12)

The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History announces Blockbuster Exhibit

National Geographic presents Indiana Jones™ and the Adventure of Archaeology: The Exhibition The Expedition Begins March 8, 2014!

Fort Worth, TX –December 12, 2013 – For the past thirty years, audiences around the world have followed Indiana Jones on his quests for treasure, adventure, fortune and glory. And now, Indiana Jones™ and the Adventure of Archaeology, a redefined modern exhibition experience, is set to OPEN at The FortWorth Museum of Science and History on March 8, 2014. This innovative exhibition, made possible by Lucasfilm Ltd., presented by the National Geographic Society and produced by Montreal’s X3 Productions, features an extensive collection of Indiana Jones film materials from the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum , along with photos and videos from the National Geographic Society and artifacts from the Penn Museum.


“We are thrilled to be hosting the first venue in the Southwest of Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archeology at the Museum of Science and History. This exhibition merges the science of field archeology and excitement of the films into an engaging and dynamic learning opportunity for guests of all ages.”


Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeologytransforms the museum experience into a multimedia and interactive adventure. Upon entering the exhibit, visitors will be immersed in the world of Indiana Jones, in an exhibit environment created with state-of-the-art technology and spanning over 10,000 square feet. Equipped with a personal video companion, visitors will embark on a quest to uncover the true origins of archaeological mysteries. An original audio greeting recorded by Harrison Ford – the world-renowned actor who brought Indy to life – welcomes visitors and invites them to begin their journey into the science of field archaeology. Charged with comprehensive educational content, photos and videos, the interactive hand-held device guides visitors on the “Indy Trail” and through the various archaeological zones. Visitors also have the ability to create their own adventure with an interactive quest.


Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology not only features a vast and exclusive collection of Indy props, models, concept art and costumes, it also presents a wealth of historical and cultural facts and objects. The internationally renowned University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, otherwise known as the Penn Museum, is providing a remarkable array of archaeological artifacts and educational material. National Geographic, the exhibition’s global presenting partner, also shares photos, videos and content from its impressive and historic archive.

“This exhibition is an exciting journey into the real world of archaeology,” says Dr. Fredrik Hiebert, archaeologist and National Geographic Fellow. “This is the perfect opportunity to introduce audiences of all ages to this fascinating scientific field through the inspiration of these highly popular films.”

Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology elucidates myths associated with relics like the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail and explores mythical places such as Akator or Mayapore. The exhibition also sheds light on how archaeologists really work on projects and make scientific breakthroughs such as deciphering ancient scripts, finding lost cities, and discovering treasure in unexpected places.

Visitors may begin their adventure of archaeology by visiting A portal into the exhibition, the website hosts information that will allow visitors to discover the past, investigate lost civilizations, attempt to solve archaeological mysteries and prepare their journey into the world of Indiana Jones.

A Team of Experts

In order to create a new kind of museum experience, one that will engage, educate and entertain visitors in innovative ways, X3 Productions has not only put its creative expertise to work, it has also gathered a team of distinguished specialists. With their recognized knowledge in academic and field archaeology Drs. Michel Fortin and Fredrik Hiebert have helped to create and develop the exhibition’s educational content. With a specialty in Near Eastern archaeology, Fortin is a Full Professor of Archaeology who has been teaching in the Department of History at Université Laval in Quebec City for nearly three decades. He has led numerous excavation teams in the Middle East and is a true ambassador to his profession. A world-renowned archaeologist and National Geographic Fellow, Hiebert is a field expert who has searched for human history in some of the world’s most remote and exotic places. His experience in both North and South America and across Asia is ideal for this project.

Archaeology and Local Treasures


Indiana JonesTM and the Adventure of Archaeology sets the wheels in motion not only to inspire, but most importantly to cultivate a lasting interest in archaeology. The world abounds with treasures, some of which can be found in our own backyard. The exhibition is designed in such a way that the last gallery is dedicated to local archaeology that has been found throughout the region.


Information and Ticket Sales

Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology: The Exhibition will launch at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, from March 8, 2014 to August 10, 2014. Tickets are on sale now! Prices are $21 for adults, $17 for children (ages 2 - 12), $19 for seniors, $11 for adult members, $9 for child members (ages 2 – 12), and $10 for senior members. For complete schedule and ticket information, visit the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History’s website at or call (817) 255-9540. For information on the exhibit, visit